Quality Brick and Stones in Mississippi

For over 36 years, Old South Brick & Supply Co. has been selling premier brick, stones and commercial blocks to customers in Mississippi. 


Proven for centuries, brick is not only a beautiful choice, but a smart choice because it offers incredible protection from fire, wind and moisture it looks better for much longer with less maintenance than other building materials. Whether you are looking for old brick, new brick or something new that is made to look old, we can find it for you.


The look of stone has always been admired in residential and commercial design. From large stone walls, architectural accents, pavers and landscaping, natural and manufactured stone comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles.

We work with both natural stone and manufactured stone companies to source the ideal stone product for your project. Natural stone is quarried from the earth and cut into various shapes and sizes. Manufactured stone (also known as cultured stone or manmade stone) is a mixture of cement and other components that is poured into a mold and colored to look like real stone.

This has become a popular choice for many projects as it has can be less expensive and have an expanded range of design options. The main things to consider when deciding which to use is project application, material and installation costs and finished look.

Commercial Blocks

Concrete blocks have been a tried and true commercial building product for hundreds of years and commercial builders have trusted Old South Brick and Supply to source fine architectural masonry products for decades. Whether you are looking for smooth face, burnished faced, split face, or a green building material choice, we will can find what you need.

Our Products Include:

Brick Items:
  • Old Chicago and Tumbled Brick
  • Antique Reclaimed Brick
  • Used Brick and Painted Brick
  • Residential and Commercial Brick
  • Oversized and Face Brick
  • Flashed Allen Stone Brick
  • Thin and Structural Brick
  • Roman and Norman Brick
Stone Items: 
  • Natural and Real Stone
  • Stone Pavers 
  • Flagstone and Austin Stone
  • Stack and Man-Made Stone
  • Cultured and Manufactured Stone
  • Antique and Classic Pavers
Commercial Block Items: 
  • Architectural Concrete Masonry Units
  • Commercial Blocks
  • Gray and Architectural Blocks
  • Burnished Face
  • Split Face
  • Brecciated Face
  • Matte Face

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